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ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING by CONVERSION LIGHTING who represent HYUNDAI ENERGY SAVING LIGHTING PRODUCTS in SOUTH AFRICA. Hyundai Lighting is an energy efficient lighting system for the business and commercial sector. 

ESKOM electricity tarrifs are increasing at an alarming rate and it has become necessary to search for the best lighting solutions at the lowest energy consumption, which CONVERSION LIGHTING provides.

Our aim is to combat these increases through innovation and the implementation of Hyundai energy saving lighting.

We sell quality Hyundai energy efficient fluorescent fittings at competitive prices which save between 40% and 60%, as well as, a large range of energy saving LED, floodlights and hi-bays with electricity savings of up to 95% on your current lighting bill.

Ideal for factories, shopping centres, car parks, supermarkets, hospitals and offices among countless others.

Our fittings are NRCS approved and carry the CE mark, a European standard of approval.

We offer a three (3) year guarantee on all our products backed by Hyundai.


No of Tubes 2012 Electricity Savings 2013 Electricity Savings 2014 Electrictiy Savings Total 3 Year Savings
100 R 43 585 R 51 866 R 61 720 R 157 171
500 R 217 925 R 259 330 R 308 603 R 785 858
1000 R 435 850 R 518 660 R 617 200 R1 571 710

The above chart is based on electricity tariff of R1,07c (Block3) (between 350-600kwh) 24 hours per day 365 days a year